Žemaitijos Pienas dividend payment of EUR 14 million proposed

The asset management companies Orion Asset Management and INVL Asset Management propose that dairy company Žemaitijos Pienas pay dividends for 2016 of EUR 13.891 million, or EUR 0.30 per share. The corresponding proposal was submitted to Žemaitijos Pienas last week.

2016 Lithuanian Investment Index: Stocks earned the biggest return

The 2016 Lithuanian Investment Index compiled by INVL Asset Management, one of the country’s leading asset management firms, reveals that investments last year in Lithuanian company shares, government bonds and real estate earned a positive return, while the return on deposits was nil. The return on the Lithuanian Investment Index last year was 6.7 per cent. Investments in stocks in the country stood out with a gain of 14.9 per cent. Meanwhile, the return on rental housing was 9.7 per cent, while long-term bonds returned 2 per cent – slightly more than the inflation rate of 0.7 per cent.