Renkuosi Mokyti (“I choose to teach”)

The idea of Renkuosi Mokyti (“I Choose to Teach”) is to encourage professionals from outside the field of education to switch career paths and become teachers. The programme admits motivated and child-centred applicants, prepares them to work in a school, and gives ongoing training and support. The result? Dynamic and motivated teachers who engage children with the world around them.

During last 15 years the programme Renkuosi Mokyti has trained ~300 teachers who have reached more than 40,000 lithuanian children. As many as 75% of these teachers choose to remain in education after the end of the programme to create positive change in education. The programme does more than just train teachers. It also has a Leadership Development Project, which selects top candidates to become heads of educational institutions in Lithuania. The goal for the next two years is to attract 500 new teachers and raise the prestige of being a teacher in society.

This project reflects the values of our organisation, helping Lithuania to grow and become an even more beautiful and stronger country.

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Women’s Club



The idea for this club was born after our particularly successful Women’s Academy initiative, the main goal of which was financial education for women or, to be more precise, to help women feel more confident about helping to manage the family budget. The aim was to acquaint as many women as possible with business, investment and finance, along with other subjects, such as etiquette, travel, children’s education and more.

After taking this step to break the stereotype that today’s world of finance is still mainly ruled by men and finding such strong interest, it was decided to offer the classes not just once a year but in an ongoing club format.

The Women’s Club promises a cosy and casual atmosphere, relevant topics, professional speakers and light discussions. Meetings of the club are held once a month during the school year.

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Youth Academy

The Youth Academy is a series of classes for our clients’ school-age children, which focuses on financial education and career planning for young people. Participants develop their financial management skills and learn about subtleties of the business world. They get advice on choosing from among the many possible study and career paths and learn how to invest in different asset classes. They also discover innovative ways to spend their free time, and learn many other things that an influential young person should know about.

The classes are led by accomplished professionals: from bankers to managers of start-up funds, from real estate project developers to representatives of manufacturing companies, from golf trainers to experts in etiquette. It is also important that learning is interactive: it’s not just theoretical lectures, but also practical tasks, excursions and various forms of entertainment.


The Academy, which has earned special recognition from our clients and young people, takes place once a year, in summer. It’s a week of classes and practical activities.


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Initiative Fund

Social enterprise Iniciatyvos fondas (Initiative Fund) was established in 2007 by Invalda INVL to encourage social activities and organise various programmes for different social groups. The main focus is on boosting knowledge and education levels. Particular attention is given to helping integrate people from the most remote areas of Lithuania into a more vibrant community.

The foundation organises large-scale integrated programmes which encourage different social groups to show independent initiative and actively contribute to the economic growth in Lithuania and to the creation of a responsible and harmonious society. Priorities of the Initiative Fund can vary from year to year.

In 2007, the Initiative Fund joined the United Nations Global Compact initiative which encourages businesses to implement their strategies and carry out their activities in accordance with ten principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. The primary task of the Global Compact is to encourage and promote corporate social responsibility and fair markets.


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