INVL Private Equity Fund II

Legal Form Closed – end private equity investment fund for informed investors
Management company UAB „INVL Asset Management“
Sector Investing in companies that have the potential to become leaders in the Baltic countries and Poland seeking to achieve an attractive risk-adjusted return for investors.
Start of operation 10 April 2024. The fund is expected to run for 10 years from the end of the first distribution phase. The investment period will start after the announcement of the end of the first distribution phase.

The strategy of ‘INVL Private Equity Fund II‘ (hereinafter – the Fund) is to use attractive opportunities in the Baltic States and Poland to invest in medium-sized companies that, after the injection of additional capital, have the potential to become leaders in their sector in the region, thereby ensuring very attractive risk-adjusted returns to investors. The Fund can also invest in companies listed in any country of the European Union, European Economic Area or European Free Trade Association. The Fund will focus on a controlling stake of a significant minority and will actively participate in investment management in order to significantly increase the value of capital in the long term. It will aim to target a diversified portfolio of 10-12 investments, providing late-stage capital to targets, as well as corporate buyouts and invest-in investments.

The Fund will invest in one portfolio investment from 15 million up to 35 million euros, however, in the presence of significant value growth potential with additional investments, it will be able to carry out smaller initial capital investments, and depending on the final size of the Fund, it will be able to carry out larger capital investments as well. The values of the target portfolio companies will range from 30 million euros up to 150 million euros.