Private debt

Private debt is an attractive asset class because of the risk-return profile of investing in corporate debt securities that are not publicly offered.

INVL private debt funds pursue long-term stable returns for their investors by investing in private debt instruments of Baltic companies that are secured by high-quality collateral, or in global products developed by world-class managers.

Mundus Bridge Finance

Legal form Open-ended risk capital investment fund for informed investors
Management company Asset management company Mundus
Sector of activity Investment in private debt securities of companies in the alternative financing sector
Start of operation 2015

The Mundus Bridge Finance Fund aims to generate a long-term stable return by investing in private debt securities of companies in the fast-growing alternative financing sector.

Target companies may have limited access to traditional lending instruments, but are able to ensure stable cash flows. The fund’s team actively contributes to the management of target companies, and short-term financial instruments cover the fund’s liquidity needs.

Feeder fund

INVL Partner Global Distressed Debt Fund I

Legal form
Sub-Fund of INVL Alternative Assets Umbrella Fund, a closed-ended composite investment fund for informed investors
Management company INVL Asset Management, UAB
Sector of activity The Sub-Fund acts as a feeder fund for a distressed debt fund established by a  world-class investment management firm.
Start of operation 14 September 2020
Placement agent INVL Financial Advisors, FMĮ UAB (the distribution of fund units are completed)

Assets of the Sub-Fund consists of interest in fund managed by third party asset manager. Investment strategy employed by this manager involves acquisition of discounted debt securities issued by prominent companies with well established business model and acquiring of bank loans in respect of aforementioned companies. Investment returns are achieved through workouts or other means directed to increase of value to par of such acquired obligations.

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