For institutional investors

Specialized Emerging markets expertise

We possess Emerging market business experience, investment expertise, cultural ties and on-the-ground presence for almost 30 years

Seasoned investment team

Our investment team is one of the largest and most experienced in the region, with solid track record in each asset class

Niche strategies to enhance your portfolio results

Providing niche, lower correlation exposures in a unique region our strategies are focused on maximizing risk adjusted returns

Active management, high conviction bets, off-benchmark picks

Our active management approach creates alpha in less efficient markets by uncovering misunderstood, overlooked, off-benchmark opportunities

Responsible Investment

We are a part of UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) network since 2017 aiming to apply the principles in our investment activities as we believe that long term investment results go hand in hand with responsibility.

We assess ESG related risks and opportunities in our investment analysis and monitoring. We exercise our voting rights in the portfolio companies considering the ESG factors. We believe that this approach helps in maximizing the long-term value to our investors.


Baltic countries and Emerging Europe

By many measures, the most advanced group of Emerging markets, offering a combination of EM level growth and asset prices with Western European level of development and governance standards.

Due to moderate size of the region Baltic countries and Emerging Europe do not enjoy the same level of attention and big-name investor coverage as other Emerging markets, providing an opportunity to such active region specialists like us.

Global Emerging markets

World‘s economic growth engine and most dynamic markets offering particularly favorable demographics and attractive valuations with notably lower government debt levels compared to Developed markets.

A diverse group of commodity, tourism, manufacturing and services focused economies that are home to 85% of world‘s population, responsible for 60% of global GDP and 80% of global growth. Global EMs exposure provides attractive returns in a low yield environment.


UCITS funds

Our suite of UCITS compliant funds include Emerging Europe Bond, Global Emerging Markets Bond, Baltic Equity funds. Common to all our UCITS funds is benchmark agnostic and high conviction investment philosophy leveraging our regional expertise.

INVL Emerging Europe Bond Fund

Our flagship strategy focused on hard-currency sovereign and corporate debt securities in Emerging Europe. High conviction, high active share strategy targets average investment grade rating and average duration of up to 3 years.


  • Under-researched region offering attractive opportunities for active bond selectors
  • A proven strategy exploiting market inefficiencies and off-benchmark opportunities to generate alpha
  • Strategy which keeps outperforming peers by Sharpe ratio, posting benchmark level of returns with half of the volatility and minimizing drawdowns

More info about the fund can be found here.

INVL Global Emerging Markets Bond Fund

Nimble EMD strategy focused on capturing yield and growth in rapidly developing economies. Alpha is generated through high active share, high conviction exposures to market mispricings, arbitrage of different currency issues, off-benchmark opportunities and avoidance of value destroying issuers.


  • Investment into regions that stand out in their rapid economic and population growth, with reasonably low debt levels
  • Relatively short duration and hard currency strategy focused on drawdown minimization and capital preservation
  • Among the leaders in the peer group by Sharpe and Sortino ratio and lowest drawdowns

More info about the fund can be found here.

INVL Baltic fund

Investment in shares of companies listed on Baltic Stock Exchange or enterprises actively operating in the Baltic States. Our local market fund focuses on long-term investments by identifying attractive economic sectors and picking undervalued companies.


  • Not a typical EM with GDP per capita and business environment close to that of developed economies while growth and valuations reflecting EM status
  • Experienced team following most of the Baltic companies for a larger part of their existence
  • Value creating engagement and shareholder activism

More info about the fund can be found here.

Alternative Investment Funds

Our alternative investment funds offer exposure to niche private markets in Baltic countries and Emerging Europe and include Baltic sea region private equity, Senior secured private debt as well as Sustainable Timberland and Farmland fund.

Sustainable Timberland and Farmland fund

A niche strategy focused on Baltic and certain Eastern Europe countries where the forest and farmland markets are fragmented, underdeveloped and attractively priced. Fund‘s main sources of alpha include consolidation, harvesting, rent and economic activity.

  • Low correlation to capital markets offering portfolio diversification and risk/return enhancement features
  • Experienced on-the-ground team, impressive track record in both forest and farmland investments in the Baltics
  • Focus on sustainable investment and management of portfolio holdings

More info about the fund can be found here.

Mundus Bridge Finance private debt fund

A senior secured short term private debt strategy with a particular focus on alternative financing sector. Relationships with portfolio companies supporting their growth and development over a longer term.

  • Active involvement in the management of portfolio companies along with solid contractual covenants
  • High return potential and solid track record since 2015
  • Quarterly liquidity (post lock-up period)

More information about the fund can be found here.

INVL Baltic Sea Growth Fund

The largest PE fund in the Baltics with EUR 165 M under management. Fund‘s strategy is industry agnostic and focused on structural transformation, operational improvements, regional cross border expansion and growth acceleration of the portfolio companies.

  • Unmatched regional experience of the management team
  • Lack of private equity competition in the region, good supply of quality deal flow and strong strategic buyer interest
  • Skin in the game: significant management team‘s investment in the fund (EUR 20M)

More information about the fund can be found here.

Mandates and portfolio management

Bespoke Emerging Europe And Emerging Market Fixed Income Mandates

We offer management of bespoke portfolios in line with our Emerging Europe and Global Emerging market fixed income strategies or a tailor made EMD strategy adjusted according to institutional investors’ unique objectives and risk tolerance.

Our approach to EMD is high active share, benchmark agnostic, capital preservation focused investing exploiting moderate region‘s investor coverage and our home market expertise.

Why invest in EMD? Attractive returns in a low yield environment driven by growth advantage, favorable demographics, relatively low level of government debt along with low valuations.

Bespoke Baltic Equity Mandates

We offer management of bespoke portfolios in line with our Baltic equity strategies or a tailor made regional equity strategy adjusted according to institutional investors’ unique objectives and risk tolerance.

Our approach to Baltic  equities is benchmark agnostic, high conviction bottom up investment exploiting deep value, event driven, dividend and activism themes in undervalued markets where we possess the deepest knowledge and experience.

Why invest in Baltic  equities? Under-researched markets that offer upside potential and pockets of opportunity due to attractive valuations and lower market efficiency.

Portfolio Management Services For E-Money And E-Payment Institutions In Baltics

We offer management of bespoke investment portfolios to companies in financial technology sector aiming to safely invest client funds.  Negative interest rates by central and commercial banks encourage looking for alternatives in the bond market and INVL Asset Management has successful experience in bond portfolio management for e-money and e-payment institutions in Baltics. We adjust the portfolio strategy and parameters based on investment restrictions applied to the fintech sector companies by local regulator.


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