INVL Baltic Sea Growth Fund

Legal form closed-end investment fund for professional investors
Management company INVL Asset Management UAB
Sector investment in medium-sized, attractive risk-return companies, providing them with capital for further growth
Start of operation 6 February 2019 (the fund is expected to run for 10 years from the end of the first distribution phase)

€165 million INVL Baltic Sea Growth Fund is the largest private equity investment fund in the Baltic States, with the European Investment Fund (EIF) as the main investor.

The fund aims to build a diversified portfolio by focusing on majority or significant minority stakes and investing from €10 to 30 million in companies with high growth potential and the ability to operate in the face of growing global competition.

The fund focuses on investment in the Baltic States and neighbouring regions such as Poland, Scandinavia and Central Europe. It has already invested in two companies providing healthcare and engineering services. You can find fund’s portfolio here: