3rd pillar pension. How will I get the accumulated assets?

Lump sum

You can get all the assets accumulated in the 3rd pillar as a lump sum.

Periodic payments

You will receive benefits from the pension fund on a regular basis, while the remaining assets will continue to be invested.


Benefits are paid regularly as long as you live. For that, you need an agreement with a life insurance company.


When can I withdraw the accumulated assets?

You can withdraw the accumulated assets from a 3rd pillar pension fund free of charge when:

you have less than five years left until retirement; and

you have been accumulating in a 3rd pillar pension fund for more than five years.

If you want to withdraw the accumulated assets less than five years before retirement, please read here.

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We have been steadily working and growing since the launch of the pension system in 2004. Client assets are taken care of by investment professionals with more than 10 years of experience and international recognition – our team are one of the largest and most experienced teams in the region.


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We work exclusively with investment, so we pay special attention to your pension funds. This is also proved by our achievements – at the end of 2018, the INVL MEZZO II 53+ fund received the International IPE Award!




You can become an INVL client online – it only takes a few minutes and no need to come to the office. By the way, we provide accumulation reports to our clients even four times a year.


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What else should I know?

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Important to know

While participating in a 3rd pillar pension fund, you will be required to pay the fees specified in the rules of the respective fund. The money accumulated in a pension fund is invested according to the investment strategy specified in the rules of the relevant pension fund. When saving in pension funds, you assume the investment and investment-related risk. The value of a pension fund can go both up and down, and you can get back less than you invested. Past performance of a pension fund does not guarantee the same results and profitability in the future. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. When seven or fewer years remain before retirement, consider investing in a conservative investment pension fund (INVL STABILO III 58+/INVL Stabilus).

Before you make an investment decision, assess all the risks associated with the investment yourself or with a help of investment consultants. Carefully read the rules of the pension fund, which are an integral part of the pension accumulation agreement.

A fund participant may choose from the following forms of pension payment: a lump sum, periodic payments in instalments (conversion of a portion of fund units in the pension account into money to be paid out at regular intervals) or purchase of an annuity from a life insurance company.

All the information presented is of a promotional nature and cannot be construed as a recommendation, offer or invitation to accumulate assets in pension funds managed by INVL Asset Management. The information provided here cannot serve as a basis for any subsequently concluded agreement. Although this information of a promotional nature is based on sources which are considered to be reliable, INVL Asset Management is not responsible for any inaccuracies or changes in the information, or for any losses that may incur when investments are based on this information.