Investment (without insurance coverage)

If you have investment experience, we can offer you a large choice of investment directions. By making use of our services, you can invest in assets that many others do not have access to.

On our proposed list you will find the investment products and combinations of them that fit your objectives. When selecting investment directions, it is important to consider the length of time for which you will invest, the return you wish to obtain, the desired level of risk and how actively you want to manage your investments. You can change investment directions online using the E-Life system.

Put together your own investment portfolio. Our list includes 16 investment directions suitable both for periodic saving and for the investment of one-time contributions.

Product characteristics:

  • One-time contribution (no recurrence).
  • Contracts are made for initial contributions of 1000 euros or more.
  • No insurance coverage (only investment).
  • Accumulated capital may be freely disposed.
  • INVL Life active asset management and professional investment solutions.
  • Traditional investment directions are available to retain clients as well.