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An attractive employer’s decision

As many as 57% of employees would be motivated by their employer’s decision to accumulate pension together*. Not surprisingly, this is becoming a common way to motivate your employees. It is a responsible decision that allows you to take care of the future of your employees.


* Population opinion poll. Spinter tyrimai, 2022, commissioned by INVL Asset Management. Participants – 1008 inhabitants.

Why should you join?

Opportunity to offer more

If you are planning to motivate your employee and you allocate €168 for this purpose, giving them the option to choose between a bonus and a contribution to a 3rd pillar pension fund, this amount would be distributed as follows:


Favourable tax environment

Motivation is an important factor in the performance of employees. By motivating the accumulation of pension with employer, you will be able to offer more, as the assets transferred to the pension fund are tax-exempt (unlike a bonus).

* The advantage arises because contributions to pension funds are not subject to the taxes applicable to the payment of bonuses. This tax benefits apply if the contribution paid to the pension fund does not exceed 25% of the employee’s estimated employment-related income. The calculations do not take into account tax-exempt income. Please note that any contributions paid by the employer for the benefit of their employee should not be paid in lieu of remuneration for the work performed or as part of the pay. For more information, please visit here.


It is easy to start offering this programme to your employees and managing it. Not only you can register online, but also provide a list of employees for whom contributions will be paid. You will be assigned a personal manager who will always be ready to help.


Reliable partner

We have been specialising in financial management for 30 years and we are part of the Invalda INVL Group. We have been managing pension funds since their launch in Lithuania in 2004. Our team is exclusively engaged in asset and investment management, so we know it down to the last detail.


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