INVL STABILO II 58+ (operations suspended following transfer of participants to life-cycle funds)

As of 2019, 2nd pillar pensions in Lithuania accumulate in life-cycle pension funds. Thus the possibility of starting to accumulate in this fund was halted on 24 January 2019 and the participants who had accumulated in it until that date were transferred to the life-cycle fund corresponding to their date of birth.

The core investment principle for this fund is keeping investment risk low and ensuring stable growth of asset value. The fund’s assets are invested in debt securities issued or guaranteed by governments or central banks of the Republic of Lithuania, countries of the European Union and member countries of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, or by the European Central Bank, as well as in commercial bank deposits. This fund is recommended for persons age 58 or above and those who prefer low-risk investments.
Composition: 100 per cent bonds and/or deposits.

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(Available since: 2007-07-02)
Main information
Launch date 2004-06-15
Composition type 100% bonds
Manager UAB "INVL Asset Management“
Deposit fee 0,00 %
Management fee 0,65 %
Transfer fee 0,00 %

The contribution fee is a charge that applies to every pension contribution.

The management fee is an annual charge that is included in the unit listing value.

More information about the calculation methodology, sizes and payment methods for applicable pension fund fees (deductions) is provided in the pension fund rules.

Choosen period data
From 0,5022 EUR  (2018-01-31)
Till 0,4952 EUR  (2019-01-31)
Change -1,39%
Latest data
Value date 2019-01-31
Value 0,4952 EUR
NAV 0,0000 EUR
Period change (%)
1 day -
1 week -
1 month -
3 months -
1 year -1,39
Since inception 70,98
Fund Benchmark

The weights of complex benchmark index has been selected with the principle purpose to reflect the Fund’s investment strategy (types and weights of investments) and investment distribution, which are both set in the rules.

Since 3rd July, 2017

95 % Bloomberg Barclays Series-E Euro Govt 3-5 Yr Bond Index
5 % EONIA Total Return Index (Bloomberg ticker: DBDCONIA Index)

From 1st June 2017 to 2nd July 2017

95 % Bloomberg Barclays Series-E Euro Govt 3-5 Yr Bond Index
5 % Euro Cash Indices Libor Total Return 1 Months Index (ECC0TR01 Index)

From 3rd August 2015 to 31st May 2017

95 % Bloomberg/EFFAS Bond Indices Euro Govt 3-5 Yr Tr
5 % Euro Cash Indices Libor Total Return 1 Months Index (ECC0TR01 Index)

From 11th May 2009 to 2nd August 2015

50% Bloomberg/EFFAS Bond Indices Euro Govt 1-10 Yr Tr
50 % Euro Cash Indices Libor Total Return 3 Months Index

From 14th 2008 to 10th May, 2009

100%   Bloomberg/EFFAS Bond Indices Euro Govt 1-5 Yr Tr

We remind you that the state social insurance old-age pension for 2nd pillar pension accumulation participants is proportionately reduced as established by law. The old-age pension is not reduced with regard to the state’s added contribution. A 2nd pillar pension accumulation agreement cannot be terminated except in the case of a first-time agreement, which the participant has the right to terminate unilaterally within 30 calendar days of entering the agreement by informing the pension accumulation company about that in writing.

Accumulating in pension funds involves the assumption of investment risk. The pension accumulation company does not guarantee the profitability of pension funds. The value of a pension fund unit can both rise and fall. You may recover less than you invested. A pension fund’s past investment management results do not guarantee the same kind of results and return in the future. The results of a previous period are not a reliable indicator of future results.

Responsible and thorough consideration is called for when choosing a pension fund. You should examine the investment-related risks as well as the applicable deductions, and carefully read the pension fund rules which are an integral part of the pension accumulation agreement.

If the money accumulated in a pension fund exceeds a certain amount, it must be used to purchase a pension annuity – a contract to receive periodic pension payments as long as you live. A pension annuity is mandatory when the basic pension annuity size calculated for a pension fund participant is at least half the size of the state social insurance basic pension (currently 164,59 eur, half of which is 82,30 eur). Pension annuity payments will be made to you by the life insurance company with whom you conclude an annuity contract. Your accumulated amount will be transferred to the account of this company, which in turn will commit to make annuity payments of an agreed size for the rest of your life. Whether any amount that has not yet been distributed at your death can be inherited depends on the type of annuity you choose. You can learn more about pension annuities here.

All the information presented is of a promotional nature and cannot be construed as a recommendation, offer or invitation to accumulate savings in pension funds managed by INVL Asset Management UAB. The information provided here cannot be the basis for any subsequently concluded agreement. Although this information of a promotional nature is based on sources which are considered to be reliable, INVL Asset Management UAB is not responsible for inaccuracies or changes in the information, or for losses that may come about when investments are based on this information.