Portfolio management

Financial markets offer investors great potential for growing their capital. At the same time, though, markets are complicated and demand a lot of specific knowledge, skills and experience. Today everyone agrees that it takes a lot of time and effort if you want to manage your personal investments well. That’s why more and more investors are entrusting the management of their assets to professionals who, knowing the client’s needs and objectives, make the day-to-day decisions and provide regular information about market changes.

Why entrust your investment portfolio to the managers at INVL?

  • We know the financial markets inside out;
  • We know how to increase assets and create value for clients;
  • We put the same care into investment decisions for a client as when managing our own assets.

How do we work?

  1. We assess the client’s situation.
    The client’s portfolio manager evaluates their financial objectives and tolerance for risk, as well as the tax and legal circumstances that are important for their financial future.
  2. We create a plan for managing the client’s investments.
    Based on the client’s circumstances, we define a strategy for managing their assets. It describes how investments will be allocated to different asset classes, regions and industries, what restrictions are foreseen, and so on.
  3. We build up the client’s investment portfolio.
    The portfolio that best suits the client’s needs is created in accord with the chosen strategy.
  4. We monitor and provide feedback.
    We keep a close eye on the client’s portfolio, react quickly to market changes, and inform them in an ongoing way about the investments. Meetings with the client are held regularly.

Why entrust your money to professionals?

  • Minimal emotional risk. Emotions are an investor‘s biggest enemy. They often interfere with getting the desired result. Investors react emotionally when the value of their assets fluctuates, and often make rushed and reckless decisions.
  • Peace and convenience. Your investments are watched over by experts, who continually make decisions based on sound analysis.
  • Professionalism. Your portfolio is managed in a disciplined and structured way, systematically adhering to the investment strategy.
  • Active management. The most important thing when investing is having a long-term view while seeking to take advantage of beneficial short-term trends in the markets.
  • Global asset diversification. Risk is broken down to take advantage of the opportunities offered by different paces of economic development in different regions. 
  • Wide choice of investment instruments. Your portfolio can include a broad spectrum of investment types, letting you optimally diversify resources in order to get the best ratio of risk to return.

For whom is this service designed?

  • For those without enough knowledge to analyse financial instruments;
  • For those who can’t dedicate enough time to that;
  • For those who want to entrust their investments to professionals;
  • For those who want to get regular reports on their account;
  • For those who want to get information about key market events and their potential impact on investments.

Service specifics

  • The signing of a fiduciary agreement for portfolio management is recommended from 100,000 euros;
  • Each month or quarter we send clients overviews and statements of their investment account;
  • Each client’s personal advisor will initiate regular meetings to discuss investment results. As needed, the portfolio manager can also take part in the meetings.

Before making a decision to invest, you should individually or with the help of investment consultants personally assess the selected fund’s investing strategy, applicable fees and all investment-related risks. You should also carefully read the fund’s Rules, Prospectus and Key Investor Information Document. All funds have benchmark indexes which are chosen to reflect as precisely as possible the investing strategy (asset types and proportions) specified in each fund’s rules and prospectus as well as the strategic distribution of the fund’s investments.
All the information presented is of a promotional nature and cannot be construed as a recommendation, offer or invitation to accumulate savings in pension funds managed by INVL Asset Management UAB. The information provided here cannot be the basis for any subsequently concluded agreement. Although this information of a promotional nature is based on sources which are considered to be reliable, INVL Asset Management UAB is not responsible for inaccuracies or changes in the information, or for losses that may come about when investments are based on this information.