INVL Baltic Farmland

Legal form public limited liability company (AB)
Sector agricultural land management (rent, development)
Exchange Nasdaq Vilnius
Start of operation

INVL Baltic Farmland, listed on the Nasdaq Vilnius Stock Exchange, owns shares in companies investing in agricultural land in Lithuania. Currently, INVL Baltic Farmland owns 3,000 ha of agricultural land in Lithuania, which is rented out to farmers and agricultural companies.

On 30 June 2015, landowner companies and INVL Baltic Farmland signed a basic property administration agreement with INVL Farmland Management, which administers the companies’ land to ensure steady income growth for shareholders and increase the value of the land.

Investment in agricultural land is long-term and recommended for investors who are satisfied with their rental yield and potential gains from increased agricultural land prices. Since the prices of agricultural products are determined in global markets, this investment enables participation in the world food supply chain.