INVL Russia TOP20 Subfund

About the fund

The Fund’s name until 17 February 2016 was Finasta Russia TOP20 Subfund.


INVL Russia TOP20 Subfund investments are concentrated on shares of 15 to 25 Russian companies that have been evaluated by the Subfund’s managers as the most attractive. The investment is aimed at maximising the return on investment in shares of Russian companies and assumes a high risk of fluctuations.

INVL Russia TOP20 Subfund

Data for the selected period
EUR ()
EUR ()
Basic data
Start of operations
INVL Asset Management
Newest Data
Unit value
39,5872 EUR
Net assets
6.428.708,20 EUR
Change in value
1 day
-0,73 %
1 month
+1,52 %
3 months
+3,23 %
1 year
+35,56 %
Management fee
1,50 %
Distribution fee
2,00 %
Success fee
15,00 %
Sub-fund change fee
0,25 %
Main information
Start of operations 2010-10-29
Minimum investment amount 0 EUR
Minimum recommended investment period more than 5 years
Risk value High
Manager “INVL Asset Management”
Umbrella fund which includes subfund „INVL Umbrella Fund”
Goal of subfund To achieve maximum investment return on shares of Russian companies.
Region Russia and other CIS countries

The weights of complex benchmark index have been selected with the main purpose of reflecting the Fund’s investment strategy (types and weights of investments) and strategic investment distribution, which are both set in the rules.


As of 15 January 2020

100% MSCI Russia 10-40 Net Total Return EUR Index (MN40RUE INDEX)


As of 29 October 2010

100% Russian Trading System Cash Index (RTSI$ Index) (converted into EUR)


More about the benchmark index or the component indices read here.

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