Investment strategy

We aim to open up the potential of the capital markets by choosing an acceptable risk-return ratio for customers in a variety of investment areas.

We focus on those investments and regions that we know well and we aim to constantly deepen our knowledge. We are keen on using globally tested solutions.

To achieve a more favorable risk-return balance in the long run, we use the modern Index PLUS investment strategy.


In shares In bonds
We invest a larger share of our assets by effectively following the markets:

  • We choose cheap and efficient exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and index funds. We immediately and regularly invest new customer funds in these funds.
  • The indices we have chosen stand out for the fact that they cover probably the largest number of countries and companies.

From tracking the trends in global pensions, endowments and elsewhere, we realize that tracking indices alone is not enough. That’s why we perform “plus” actions:

  • We strategically allocate money to private alternative investments to achieve a better risk/return ratio for the overall portfolio.
  • We take advantage of our knowledge of the home region and the opportunities that arise here to earn extra returns.

We make tactical decisions as rarely but as accurately as possible. We distinguish a region, sector or level of risk when we see excessive optimism or pessimism, without fear of choosing the opposite path, but always remembering that investments only have one long-term direction – up.

We actively invest in government and corporate bonds which we believe may:

  • Earn at least the same return as a benchmark or passive investment vehicle that replicates it.
  • Minimize potential decline in value due to adverse environmental conditions.

We combine bonds of different risks (with investment and non-investment-grade ratings; sovereign and corporate) in an effort not to increase risk but to increase expected returns.

We invest in opportunities not available in public markets – alternative assets such as private debt.




Responsible investment policy

In the INVL investment group, we believe that environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are an integral part of the modern investment process. We strive to discover and support the most advanced sustainable businesses and believe they will bring the greatest long-term benefits to our investors.