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Having been first in Lithuania to realise standard investment solutions were no longer enough for our clients, we offer a personalised comprehensive asset management service based on a unique operating model. It is for those who need uncompromising quality and the decision-making of independent, reliable professionals who bring exclusive knowledge and experience to the task of building, managing, expanding, maintaining, and passing on their wealth.




This is a joint effort of professionals in diverse fields – from investment managers to tax advisors and lawyers – who are dedicated to safeguarding and managing your investment assets.

Our role is not just to understand how you view your wealth and help create and implement an action plan for achieving your goals in keeping with your life situation. It is also to provide for the financial education of your loved ones – once a month there are Women’s Club meetings and every year a Youth Academy.


We maintain open investment architecture: not limiting ourselves to specific managers, asset classes or geography, we constantly research the market to find the best investment products and services for you.


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Part of the Invalda INVL Group

About the group:

  • In business since 1991, Invalda INVL is one of the leading asset management groups in the Baltics.
  • The companies it owns make up the Invalda INVL group and together manage more than 20 pension and mutual funds, individual portfolios, and private equity and other alternative investments.
  • More than 260,000 clients in Lithuania and Latvia and international investors had entrusted the Invalda INVL group with managing over 1.6 billion euros of assets.
  • In managing clients’ assets, the group’s companies seek the best result by investing assets wisely, focusing on investments and regions they know well, and constantly looking for new opportunities.
  • Over its history, Invalda INVL together with local and international investment partners has conducted many M&A and fundraising transactions. Their total value exceeds 1.7 billion euros.

Group companies manage their clients’ assets, seeking the best results through smart investment and focus on the investments and regions that they know well. They also constantly look for relevant opportunities.

Our team

Asta Jovaišienė

Director, Financial advisor


Tadas Mankevičius

Financial advisor


Raimondas Liubochonskis

Financial advisor


Justas Januškevičius

Financial advisor


Dobilas Kezys

Financial advisor

Lina Rimkuvienė

Financial advisor

Manfredas Kalvaitis

Junior financial advisor

Mindaugas Mažeikis

Investment strategist

Donatas Vaitkus

Financial broker

Neringa Kubiliūnė

Communication project Manager neringa.kubiliune@​

Jolita Galkauskienė

Internal administration specialist