Offer us businesses

We are constantly striving to increase our investment portfolio, so we invite you to offer us businesses or other assets.


We are interested in:

competitive businesses with potential to successfully expand, organically or through acquisitions, and offering other opportunities to increase their value. We are ready to provide additional capital or management resources for business expansion;

“problem” assets or complex transactions: we can help resolve shareholder conflicts and acquire heavily indebted businesses. We are fast and flexible, so we do not avoid complicated transactions.

We do not have a strict minimum investment amount, but we aim to keep the majority of investments above €3,000,000. However in businesses where we already operate, we do not rule out smaller acquisitions.

Currently three alternative investment companies are listed on the NASDAQ Vilnius stock exchange: INVL Technology works to acquire IT companies operating in the region, INVL Baltic Real Estate manages commercial real estate in Lithuania and Latvia, and INVL Baltic Farmland manages a portfolio of agricultural land.

For executive teams

We are ready to work with executive teams that see management buyout opportunities at promising businesses. We have extensive successful experience in working together with executives, so we invite you to share joint business buyout opportunities. Contact us at