About INVL

Since its incorporation in 1991, Invalda INVL has carried numerous acquisition, sale and capital-raising transactions with a total value of over €2 billion.


The year in which Invalda INVL, the first private equity investment company in Lithuania, began operations.


That is how many private and business clients have entrusted the INVL asset management and life insurance group’s companies with managing their assets.

€1,9 billion

That is the total client assets under management of the INVL asset management and life insurance group’s companies.

Our experience

An investment management and life insurance group Invalda INVL is valued for its significant contribution to the development of the local capital market. The shares of Invalda INVL have been traded on the NASDAQ Baltic stock exchange since 1995, and the shares of INVL Technology, INVL Baltic Farmland and INVL Baltic Real Estate since 2014.

Invalda INVL Group currently manages over 20 investment funds and pension funds in Lithuania and Latvia (second and third pillar), life insurance commitments in all Baltic States as well as private portfolios of financial instruments. The group’s company INVL Asset Management in Lithuania owns 51% of asset management company Mundus.

On 1 July 2022 group company INVL Life took over the life insurance business of Mandatum Life, operating through branches in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, including employees.

In 2014, Invalda INVL acquired MP Pension Funds Baltic and Finasta Asset Management in Lithuania, and in early 2015 completed the acquisition of Finasta Asset Management in Latvia. After the completion of the merger of INVL Asset Management, MP Pension Funds Baltic and INVL Funds , all part of the Invalda INVL Group, in October 2015, now it is INVL Asset Management that operates in the market. In addition, in 2015, the financial brokerage firm INVL Finasta was established. It specialises in providing wealth management services.

Following European Union’s legal requirements, activities of the Group’s asset management companies are licensed and supervised by Lithuanian and Latvian financial regulators.

What we believe in?


Everyone is important to us

We appreciate every client, colleague, partner and shareholder. We believe that only an open approach and insight into everyone’s needs and ideas bring success and high-quality solutions.

Always driven

Every day, we are full of will and desire to do better and achieve more. Changes and challenges fill us with energy. They encourage us to be creative, active and to surpass ourselves.

Cool-headed decisions

The value of trust that our clients give us is enormous, so we adhere to the established rules with integrity, always weigh the risks and act honestly and diligently.

Our attitude

We strive to make the process of investing as clear as possible. That is why we work together with clients to find the best solutions in light of their stance on risk and desired return.

We focus on investment types and regions that we know well, and we are committed to constant professional development. We are also happy to be able to draw on proven global solutions.

Aiming to contribute to the investment culture, we have developed a Lithuanian Investment Index – the first index of this kind in the history of Lithuania. It shows how return on investment in the four main asset classes has evolved since 1996.